Army SSB Recruitment 2018- Check SSB Indian Army Notification


Indian Army SSB Recruitment 2018 – Check SSB Indian Army Notification.

As the new year hase & the candidates are trg to boost up their career with the new year. Now talg about the Army recruitment process. The Army SSB isnducted twice an year. Those candidates who have strong feeg for jing Indian Army as an officer t check this post. All the details for the notifications are written for you. The official we fof Indian Army is www.jindianarmy.nic.

Plang for you career is the most important task a student. And if you are plag to J Indian Army then you t be disciped & foresighted your career view. For all the Army aspirants we have written this article. After reag this you will be able to know the educational qualification & the g jobs Indian Army.

Check SSB Indian Army Notification 2018

SSB is one of favourite method for selection Indian Army as Officer rank. Here you will be provided the details of recruitment that are gg to held 2018. All these entries are specialised terms of educational qualifications & number of vacancies that are given this year.

SSB Indian Army Notification

About SSB

SSB stands for Service selection board. There are so many SSB centres that are located the different zones of India. The total number is 10. These are

  • Allahabad
  • Bangalore
  • Bhopal
  • Dehradun
  • Mysore
  • Varanasi
  • Coimbatore
  • Gandagar
  • Kolkata
  • Rupnagar (Near Chandigarh.)

All these centres are situated the different zones of India. if you are trulymitted to the Indian Army SSB notification then there is no possibility of rejection. istry of defence has allowed a candidates to appear SSB for any number of times until his maximum age is over. This is an action for euragement of candidates who are trg to getto SSB , but due to some y hurdles their selection is cancelled. Sop be prepared for all the test that are taken by the SSB officials to test you.

To appear the SSB exam you need to apply for the g SSB notification from the official we of Indian Army. The candidates who apply for the SSB 2018 will be called by the respected SSB centres through call letters by post. There will be vari tests that will benducted for the candidates to check their physical & mental ability of candidates.

Dug the test , you will be stag the SSB center where you will be called. The re will be an official who wille to receive you & will take you to the centre. Dug the test you will be provided a;ll the facilities to your room. The environment of your room will be like our home. The facilities that are given to a candidates dug their SSB exams are

  1. An official person wille To receive & drop you to the Railway station.
  2. The room where you will be stag is well furnished & other facilities will be given to you.
  3. Good & nutriti food will be available to you the Messes of SSB.
  4. All medical facilities will be provided to you if you need any.
  5. In the leisure time you will be provided the services of Game, Magaes, Newspapers, etc.

These facilities are given to the candidates so that you will feel like home the centre & fo on the exam for which you havee from your home. The m fo of a candidate t be on the tasks that are given to the students dug the exam. After the exams is over the facilities can beed for you. But do not deflect with all these tgs. These are for yourfort not for your leisure.

Army SSB Recruitment 2018 Application Form

To appear SSB 2018, you need to check all the criteria that is deed by the Authority.

Educational Qualification :- A candidate t be a graduate any stream with imum 55% of academics.

Age limit :- A candidates t between 19 to 24 years of age as on the period mentioned by the authority.

Selection procedure : The selection procedure of Indian Army SSB has many stages. Mly there are to stages. i.e. Stage I & Stage II.

  • Stage I :– Itnsists of many small tests like Officer Intelligence Rag (OIR) & PPDP test. These tests arenducted on day one. for the candidates, This is a shortlisg round where the candidates who are rejected are send home directly to their home on the same day.
  • Stage II :- Stage II is a very important part SSB. All the tests arenducted the next four days There are vari tests that arenducted. There may be a little variation the exam the Stage II. But the m possible tests that arenducted the Stage II are psychological tests and group tests.

So if you are trg for the SSB 2018, then you t be aware about all of them. These are written here & expled one by one.

  1. OIR Tests :- There will be some question that are based on verbal & non-verbal reasog that needs to solve by tg rationally the series , patterns & figures.
  2. Picture Perception & description tests. (PPDT) :- Dug this stage , you will be displayed a picture for a duration of 30 snds. After this you have to write sometg regarg the picture for 4 utes.
  3. Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) :- Dug this you will be asked about your personal life & the perception you build around your environment where you.
  4. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) :- In this stage, a set of 10 pictures will be shown to you , which one is blank. You have to note the important ts for all the pictures & create a story on it. In case of blank picture you have to imae your way & write a climax for the story.
  5. Word Association test :- A set of 30 word will be shown on the screen for 20 snds each. Use all the word sequence & create a small para based on it. The duration for this will be 5 utes.
  6. Situation reaction test :- In this a booklet will be given to you where many questions will be asked to you on the bis of real life situation. Write you answer as your response & way you deal with it.
  7. Self Description test :-  Here you have to write five paragraphs about your family friend & relatives & other people associated with your life.
  8. Personal Interview (PI) :–  A group of official will make a small duration ofteraction with you.
  9. PABT (Pilot battery Aptitude Test) :- This is an optional test that is mlynducted for candidates who apply for Air force &ast guard. It assess the aptitude especially for candidates to check whether he is eligible for bg a pilot.
  10. Conference :- After all the tests areplete , there will be formalteraction between all the officials of SSB centre which m officers are Director & deputy Director etc.

The last round callednference is one where many candidates get rejected. The round is the al stage of analysis of candidates. If you are selected this then you will be called for the medical test.

The medical test is for 2-4 days. You will stay the centre for more days . May be for 2-3 days where you will be taken to the Military hospital or Other medicalstitute which is near to the centre.

That is all after this you are selected as an Officer Indian Army. Now you have to wait for the call letter & soon you will be send to the tring centre. After your tring isplete you will be posted as ltenant any location decided by Indian Army.

Opportunities after you are selected Indian Army :- After you are posted as Ltenant Indian army , you will get promotion after two years of service. The posts that you will get after the promotions the Indian Army

  • Capt rank
  • Major rank
  • Ltenant Colonel rank
  • Colonel rank
  • Brigadier rank
  • Major General Rank
  • Ltenant General rank
  • General rank

Not up to Major general but easily you will be promoted to the Colonel rank after few years of service. There may be opportunities of posg you outside India. So the opportunities @ Indian Army are endless. You can also play a sport professionally & represent your Country many sport that areanised & outside India.

Indian Arm SSB notification 2018 @  www.jindianarmy.nic

Consider the tabular form of data that is written the upper side of this post.

  • Name of the Organisation: Services Selection Board
  • Name of the Post : Officer Indian Army through SSB
  • Category: recruitment
  • Job Location: Anywhere India
  • Official Site:  www.jindianarmy.nic

As long as we came to the end of this post. if you are one of the Army aspirants & this post helped you then please write ament to let know. After you are done , you can provide some feedback for moreformation. You can also subscribe so that you will be able to get all the updates your mailbox daily. Thank you.

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