Best Crush Status And Quotes 2017

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We have made a list of Best Crush Status And Quotes. Every person has a crush on him/her loved one. Crush is the most amazing feeling. You like to watch someone you love. It’s always difficult to express your feelings. Best Crush Status and quotes will help you to express your love and show your attention about your crush. It’s an easy way to get the debate from your crush by sharing and posting Crush Status and Quotes on Facebook and Whatsapp. Hope you will impress your crush with the help of Best Crush Status And Quotes.

1 ) All I want is for you to tell me your fighting for me till my heart stops beating

2 ) Sometimes, I really wish I could read your mind. So, I can find out how you feel about me. But unfortunately, no such thing exist.

3 ) Its amazing how crazy i feel when my phone vibrates and I’m begging it to be you.

4 ) Because of you, half the time I don’t even know that I’m smiling.

5 ) I wish that I could put my status to what I am really thinking…

6 ) When I walk into the class room full of students. I always look for you first.

7 ) She’s not the only girl in the universe, but she’s the only one that matters.

8 ) Crushes are more beautiful than affairs because there is no responsibility, no worry, no commitment. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot.

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9 ) Dear Crush, I may not have the prettiest face for you to look at but I do promise I have the biggest heart to love you with.

10 ) Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

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11 ) The best feeling is when you look at him. He is already staring.

crush status

crush status

12 ) I’ll be yours forever, just tell me when to start.

13 ) Can i check ur pockets i think u stole my heart!

14 ) When I look at you, I cannot deny the existence of God; Because only God could have created someone as wonderful and beautiful as you!

15 ) I’m jealous of the people who get to see you everyday.

16 ) I’ve found this new disease. Its called LOVE. I know its contagious because you gave it to me.

17 ) If my love for you is a crime, I want to be the most wanted criminal.

18 ) Loving you is like breathing How can I stop?

19 ) Why do they call it a crush? Because that’s how you feel when they don’t feel the same way in return.

20 ) People always ask, ‘Do you still like him? Honestly, I don’t really know. But, I do know these’s just something about him I can’t let go.

21 ) Sometimes, You make it impossible to breathe.

22 ) The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much.

23 ) Can I check your pockets I think you stole my heart!

24 ) It’s amazing how crazy i feel when my phone vibrates and I’m begging it to be you.

25 ) It’s so hard having a huge crush on someone you know you’ll never have.

26 )  When you are online, I stare at your name waiting for you to say ‘Hi’

27 ) You can’t be real. May I pinch you to see if I’m dreaming?

28 ) Based on psychological study, a crush only lasts for maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, then you are already in love.

29 ) If i got a $ for every time i thought and dreamed about you, I would be rich.

30 ) Maybe, just a little… i could possibly be… falling for you.

31 )  If fear don’t exist, I’d run up to you, kiss you and tell you that I love you.

32 ) It’s not that I’m afraid of telling you how I feel about you, I’m afraid of how you will react.

33 ) WANTED: My crush, CRIME: Stole my heart, Last seen making me smile. REWARD: $1,000,000

34 ) Love is gambling, not with money but with your heart. You can always get money back, but you might not get your heart back.

35 ) My Experience Said… It’s risky

36 ) The more you hide your feelings for someone. The more you fall for them.

37 ) You’re the one that I stay up all night thinking about, coming up with cute things that I wish could happen.

38 ) I wish I could actually tell you how much I actually like you and you’d be okay with it.

39 ) When you fall for someone’s personality everything about them becomes beautiful.

40 ) I look at you…to see you looking at me… i just blush and look away awkwardly…

41 ) I build myself up when I’m alone, but when the moment comes and you look at me with those eyes I can’t remember what I’m doing.

42 ) It feel top of the world. When I catch you looking at me.

43 ) You know that feeling when your head says no but your heart says yes? It’s wrong but it feels so right? I wish we could be together.

44 ) I’m so glad you are in my life but i want to be more than friends

45 ) LOVE? I like you a lot. You make me feel awesome. You make me laugh. You’re beautiful. You’re a little crazy and awkward. Your smile alone can make my day.

46 ) When a girl asks a guy to listen to a song, it’s because the lyrics are all the words.

47 ) I just want to hold your hand, even if it gets sweaty, and waste Friday nights watching really lame movies with you.

48 ) FREE ADVICE: try not to fall for someone who isn’t willing to catch you

49 )  If I was a teacher I would try to figure out who had a crush on who and make sure they were always paired up.

50 ) I love it when I catch you looking at me then you smile and look away.

51 ) I want to ask you out but I can’t find the right word’s. And my confidence level is low.

52 ) I might have to wait. I’ll never give up. I guess it’s half timing, And the other half’s luck. Wherever you are. Whenever it’s right

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