Happy Hug Day Shayari in Hindi, English for Girlfriend/Boyfriend 2018

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There are no eyes of love. If we love somebody then, we have bd faith on him or her. It makes ready to face all the challenges of life. We can make our future bright by log someone. The passion of log someone cannot be measured. It is the desire of each and everydividual lig this world. It is not bound with any type ofndition. There are different ways of expresg our love. One of the ways is to hug our partner. On 12th February every year, we celebrate happy hug day which wee to give different types of hugs to our partner. The hug on hug day can be more effective if it is given with happy hug day shayari. Happy Hug day shayari fill our heart with hapess.

Happy Hug Day Shayari

Happy hug day sta for Whatsapp and Facebook shows the different pictures which we can hug our partner different types of ways. Happy hug day sta for Whatsapp and Facebook follows the transfer of hug day shayaris for mag the occasion to be very special. If we give tight hug on this day then, the feegs and emotions bed this tight hug (never leave our partner) are described beautifully these shayaris. These shayaris are the best way to dee the madness of our love. These shayaris are helpful realig that our partner is lucky for hag the relationship with. In some situations, we cannot meet our partner and missed him or her a lot. The feegs and emotions to miss our partner are reflected these shayaris. Enjoy this happy valenes day with lovers.

Hug Day 2018 shayari for Lovers

Mujhe Baahon M Bikhar Jaane Do,
Apni hkabaar Saason Se Mehek Jaane Do,
Dil Machalta Hai Aur Saans Rukti Hai,
Ab Toh Seene M Aaj Mujhe Utar Aane Do,
Hug Day Pay Ek Hug To De Do..!

To do each and every task by ug the language of dinnects to our culture. The culture and traditions of India are iplete without the language of di. Although, Hug day is the occasion of western culture but people of India also celebrate it. The reason of its celebration by Indians is that it signifies thencept of love and each and every Indian is bound by the feegs of love. If we belong to India then, it is preferred to give happy hug day shayari di. If we want to learn the language of di then, also, we choose to give happy hug day shayari di.

Hum ko hamhi se chura lo….
dil mei kahi tum choopa lo…
hum akele ho n jaye…
dooor tum se ho n jaye…
paaas aao Gale se laga lo.
Happy Hug Day 2018

The language of English isflueng all the people of the world. Happy hug day shayari English is understood by each and every person of the world. Happy hug day shayari English represents our modern outlook.

Happy Hug day shayari

You can’t wrap love a box,
But you can wrap a person a hug.
A hug charms,warms
And makes everyone happy.
That t be why God gave arms.
So here is a hug for you.

Happy Hug Day 2018 to my Love.

t do me a favor, Put your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder. Happy Hug Day

The sweet andnocent person this world is the girlfriend. She requires our love every phase of life. We can hernfidence by gig hug to her on Hug day and this hug can be meagful if it is provided with hug day shayari for girlfriend. Love can be boon for our life through hug day shayari for girlfriend. 

hug day shayar di

एक बार तो मुझे सीने से लगा ले,
अपने दिल के भी सारे अरमान सजा ले,
कबसे है तड़प तुझे अपना बनाने की,
आज तो मौका है मुझे अपने पास बुला ले |
Hug Day Mubarak meri Jaan..!

In today’s outlook, boyfriend is the person who gives sta the society. If we want his hug on Hug day then, the best way to ask him for the hug is hug day shayari for boyfriend. Girls can appreciate the hug of her boyfriend by gig hug day shayari for boyfriend. Most of people like to visit valenes day images to wish their lovers.

This hug will make you feel SO GOOD! Can you feel it? I KNEW YOU COULD! Best wishes to you on this hug day.👫

happy hug day shyari for girlfriend:boyfriend

We can taste the sweetness of our love through happy hug day shayari 2018. Happy hug day shayari 2018 generates craze the d and soul of our love. The experience of life can be made better through this shayari. This shayari is helpful learg the education of love anvenient manner. You may also love to visit Hug day Quotes for boyfriend/band.

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